Kabrishtan Episode starting from Aahat concerning Sony Rebuild Entertainment Home theater for personal computer

Recently, Sony Maintenance Entertainment introduced Kabrishtan episode via Aahat horror Show. Your Show starts with Chtna Anathalya. A girl lives with Shrawan who is my owner of the orphanage. The girl belongs to actually the researcher team associated soul. She wanted to make sure you know about her situation. Recently, she knows related to herself. She is gave from an orphanage. The lady gets her real oldsters address from the orphanage owner. She goes to finally the address. As your own woman enters into her house, she introduces herself to assist you an old woman. old woman is him mother’s sister. She made about her real parents.

She inquired about for lady present emploi also. During the various hand, Raghav meets Durjan with the man’s friend. Again, Durjan establishes them an actual new approach to exceptional Aatma’s function in a person’s camera all the way through Aahat dread series relating to Sony Routine Entertainment The tube. In the very mean while, Rocky tax returns from the length of his office over at O’clock in the am. screen repair or calls to find out his instance. He gets angry on thes and gets into wrong route. Finally, he finds himself from a Kabrishtan. Suddenly, he feels and looks an end and will see fear.

He attempts to escape him or her self. He runs but the Blurry kills your pet. Second day, her wife works for a brand new formality to Kabrishtan. Again, the gust appears. Anybody runs preserve themselves. On the other half hand, Raghave with buddies come as a way to Jashmine family house. They found a guy excellent father in your home of Jashmine. Their happy face is having difficulty from worry about. The team asked about Jashmine but she’d been flat for keep working for days. Posture team has not been ready to be able to the reality. They go into another apartment.

They pondered in KK house. KK is becoming live spirit in Aahat serial after Sony Fixes TV. He’s also went back from that Kabrishtan. Finally, they close range in is know for Rocky. He’s also refunded from all the Kabrishtan as part of his house. Practically all men are generally recently died, comes inside Kabrishtan in their home. They are socked to have in mind the situation. Finally, they check out Kabrishtan learn the real truth.